Aug 10, 2010

My First Scamming "Buyer" on Etsy - Tia Callarman of 747 Timber Run Havana FL 32333

I guess it was bound to happen to me at some point but it is truly with mixed emotion that I am reporting this unfortunate incident, namely the first scammer I've had the misfortune to come across in my three plus years as an etsy seller.   

Negative feedback for this etsy transaction has been left as follows:
"Etsy sellers beware - DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this party! This is a SCAMMING BUYER. After waiting a day, I sent a friendly reminder for payment, at which point the 'buyer' acknowledged by convo that she wanted the item and promptly forwarded funds.

After that, this person did not respond to my convo enquiry about whether modifications were required prior to shipping. Despite no reply, I went ahead and shipped this necklace because prompt shipping is a hallmark of my online businesses.

United States Air Force Sterling Silver Locket part of Tia Callarman 747 Timber Run Havana FL 32333 Scam

Six hours after I marked the item as shipped, this individual launched a paypal dispute to recover her funds.  Since the shipment would have just left Toronto (for Florida) the timeline and details in this case show deliberate deceitful intent.
 PayPal reviewed the case and because I didn't have a tracking number as evidence of shipping (a $14 service that this person had not requested or purchased) the chargeback was decided against me. This is a classic scam. The purchaser gets your high quality handmade goods and then to double the hurt they also recover all of the funds involved. Although the majority of online shoppers are honest, there are those like Tia Callarman who do find all available loopholes in order to cheat.

This transaction is an example of the type of abuse that I did not expect to contend with on Etsy. I have asked Etsy to remove this individual from the community so that other honest esty sellers are not subjected to this form of emotional abuse and financial damage.It was never clarified by PayPal exactly what the basis of this party's dispute was concerning the transaction. I still do not know if Tia Callarman of 747 Timber Run, Havana Florida 32333 is claiming that her etsy account was somehow used in an unauthorized way. If so, it would have been decent and ethical if this individual had contacted me to explain her position. This party has been silent with zero reply to my 2 short convo attempts to establish contact and receive clarification."

Finally, it is ironic that I even used the PayPal Ship module so here's a copy of the Tia Callarman Ship Label...

There are several individuals named as currently residing along with "Tia Callarman" at 747 Timber Run, Havana Florida 32333.  In future posts I will be listing these other individuals by name.  If the Tia Callarman party had any conscience they would have marked return to sender on my package so I would at least have recovered my item.  Abuses such as this premeditated scam have a ripple down affect that result in higher prices for everyone else.
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