Feb 18, 2009

Jannadu - artwork of Jann Alexander-McCullough

Red Rock Watch Bracelet for BBW by Jannadu

Jannadu: new online boutique!

My friend Jann Alexander-McCullough of Glendale Arizona is the talented artisan behind Jannadu and Phoenix Rising Glass Art studio on etsy. Jann has been an artist all her life and has been trained in most all of the traditional mediums but watercolors is her favorite.

Pet Portraits by Jann Alexander-McCullough

I'm intrigued by Jann's pencil drawings. Her pet portraits are wonderfully lifelike and affordable. Contact Jann for your custom pet portrait! Jann's paintings and artwork have received acclaim but lately her passion has turned to glassmaking.

Jann recently opened an online boutique which features a few of her fine arts pieces as well as unique handmade jewelry designs for the Rubenesque & Lovely Women of the World. Her big, beautiful women's bracelets will be adjusted to 9" and up per your specs prior to shipping.

The term "Rubenesque" refers to the pear-shaped woman of ample bust, plump cheeks, soft-full lips, and a healthy profile of alluring curves and crevasses. The full bodied female form was popularized by the works of renowned oil artist Peter Paul Rubens. Today the popular acronym BBW (big, beautiful woman) has a similar meaning.

Wire Wrapped 28mm x 40mm Faceted Lapis bracelet by Jannadu shop on etsy

Jann is currently exploring a variety of jewelry making techniques and materials including precious metals and gemstones to showcase her unique handmade glass creations. Rich color, wonderful texture combinations and unique materials are the hallmark of Jannadu handmade artisan jewelry.

Turquoise and Sterling Bracelet - for BBW

Check out the Jannadu shop on etsy: http://Jannadu.etsy.com and there's more information on Jann's blog: Art & Artists - Me and My Friends. This artist loves custom commissions, so feel free to contact Jann today to get your personalized jewelry adornment project underway!

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