Jan 19, 2009

Burning More Stuff

rosy ball end copper headpins by SassyDLite

The other day I finished an order of 26g fine silver headpins for a valued customer and while I was in the burning mode/mood I tried my hand at the copper headpins just for fun. Above is a picture of the result.

My friend Jamie of http://creationsbyJAE.etsy.com and I have been discussing these wonderful rosy ball ends on copper headpins. We've been trying to figure out how to achieve this. I found quelching in cold water works and apparently other approaches to achieving this effect exist.

Today I picked up some Oatey solder paste flux that makes melting larger gauge copper wire much easier. Warm vinegar and salt helps remove some firescale and burn residue (from coated craft type copper wire) but down the road I'll prepare the Prips flux recipe and try that too.

26g fine silver ball end headpins available at www.gahooletreesupplies.etsy.com
I'll continue experimenting with other quelching baths, and treatments, but for my own personal use, the results obtained thusfar will suffice!
until next time,
~Anna Lee

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