Nov 7, 2008

Fantasy Dragonfly

I just listed these Turquoise Fantasy Dragonfly Earrings in my SassyDLite online store. Perhaps I'm going through a second childhood. If you're familiar with my gahooletree shop, you'll know that this type of jewelry isn't exactly what I'm known for! But when my daughter saw these earrings she fell in love with them -- and now Kate wants to get her ears re-pierced! That might sound reasonable to most, but our Kate is disabled and she'll have major difficulty dealing with any infections. But I digress. Anyhow, who am I to deny my 27 year old this tiny indulgence?

Dragonflies are so popular right now. I spent an hour yesterday trying to see what types of dragonfly earrings are available for sale online. Although dragonfly jewelry can be found in abundance, I couldn't find anything like my Turquoise Fantasy Dragonfly earring shown above for beauty, quality or value pricing. I'll be listing a complete line of these darlings - each earring pair will be unique and inspired by genuine gemstones.

Someone mentioned being a fan of dragonflies just a few days ago, but I simply cannot remember who it was. You see, to be honest, I ordered these adorable brass wings from Hong Kong by mistake. I meant to order angel wings for use in Christmas earrings. Anyhow, if you're a dragonfly fan and would like to get some of these awesome and fairly unique accents, please email me. I'll set up a custom etsy listing for you on my supplies shop: Would 24 units for $1.99 be reasonable? The matching brass beads (dragonfly tail) are so cool too. I have plenty of those as well if anyone is interested. :)

'till next time,
~Anna Lee H.
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