Sep 10, 2008

Newest gemstones

My gemstone order from India has arrived and some of my latest acquisitions are pictured above. At our SassyDLite shoppe I feature high quality semi precious and precious gemstones in rather modern and sleek pieces that are perfect for everyday, casual and office wear. But at my flagship shoppe called GahooleTree, designs run to the haute posh more ornate, formal, evening and bridal.

Regardless of the design application or sales outlet I operate, I’m a snob about sourcing and supplying exquisite AAA quality in the colour, cut and clarity for all our gems. Shown here are blue topaz, yellow topaz, rock crystal, iolite, apatite and tourmaline. The onion cuts to the right are light amethyst and citrine.

I’ve been asked if I’ll be selling this stock at my gemstone supplies store GahooleTreeSupplies. No, I’ll reserve most of these sparkling darlings for use in my own designs. I’m a gemstone hoarder (and yes, I confess, I’m a gemaholic and gemstone hoarder!) but these specimens are more costly and valuable than most items in my inventory. They are without rival for their brilliance, precision faceting and awesome tones. And I am truly pleased to have found this supplier of such fine quality beads, so these will be used judiciously.

Contact me if you'd like information on purchasing similar custom cut gemstones derived from AAA gem quality rough. I will put you in touch with this quality supplier. For those whose funds are limited there is also a bulk buy group located in the the USA! Through that source you can purchase as little as a few carats at a time.

Above all, expect to see more delicious genuine gemstone handmade jewelry creations from us. What with working on my etsy team stuff, watching way too much Olympics, moving to our new house, and a wee bit of general shirking thrown in for good measure :) I haven’t produced much new jewelry for months. I can’t wait to get back to the bench!
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