May 14, 2008

My Fashion Finds/Purchases: TATAMI Sandals by Birkenstock

Tatami's Leyla slip on sandal in blackThese are the amazing Tatami sandals, a birkenstock company. Tatami makes a supportive footbed that's perfect for my high arches. These awesome fashion finds also come in a wide range of sizes often including an array of *narrow* widths. All this is very important to my tender tootsies because without adequate support my feet slip all over the place in most sandals. This slippage can actually leave my bony soles bruised. My feet are narrow and I like to feel cradled in my footwear.

A few years ago, one of my arches started to fall causing incredible heel pain that lasted for a year or so. Eventually I had custom orthotics made and I'm supposed to wear 'em all the time. But geez, from time to time I want to sport a fashionable footwear accessory that keeps me cool and looking somewhat pulled together... Enter Tatami sandals.

Last year I made my first purchase from Tatami's Akari thong in in Germany and I was delighted with the overall shopping experience. But before plunging into the import mindset, I ran all over the metro Toronto area trying to find high end supportive sandals that had any flair. I was severely disappointed with what was available in my retail shoppes. When I could find a retailer who actually carried quality sandals, either they were designed for the geriatric set or the sticker shock and I mean $300 to $500 per pair was more than my heart or pocketbook could bear.

Then I found Tatami online, a division of Birkenstock and my love affair with these quality clogs and sandals began. I purchased the Akari thong last spring (in Espresso brown as shown) along with boiled wool/felt clogs that I always wear around the house as slippers, an outdoor leather clog and another sandal that doesn't have this footbed. My husband David grabbed a few pairs of sandals and clogs too. He likes Birkis, Birkenstocks and Papillios but he has no arches and a very wide footbed.

I actually ordered the wrong sizes last year, but Baumhouse accepted our proof that the shipment was being returned and they proceeded to express post the correct size items which arrived in a week or so. So we love the customer service we get from Baumhouse. Tatami's Allesia thong in Taupe

The other day I also ordered these wild things...the Alessia thong in taupe with crazy fringe! And at the top I'm showing the Leyla slip on sandal in Black that I can't wait to wear too. Can a girl ever have too many fab sandals? I think not.
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