May 8, 2008

Gemmy Trillion Cuts of Prehnite and 14k Gold Fill Spirals and Wires

Originally uploaded by cdnallie

This is my second blog post being created directly from my Flickr account. You just need to "grant access" to your blog from within your Flickr profile. Then when you're viewing your pics, click on the "Blog This" icon to easily create a new blog post entry.

If like me you own multiple blogs that you've added to your Flickr profile, just choose the appropriate blog name from the drop down list that appears! Totally simple and awesome. Wow such a time saver that I never knew existed!

As an experiment a few minutes ago, I decided to upload to flickr a few new pics of my recent work. These Swirly Mint Dangles feature gorgeous gem quality trillion cuts of prehnite that dangle freely below dainty 14k gold fill spirals and earwires.

Prehnite is a gemstone that I've absolutely had a love affair with for some time now. It is rare to find gem quality prehnite beads in any shape, let alone trillions that I received from Courtney of Passementerie. Thank you Courtney!

Again, this is a one of a kind offering. I have no more of these amazing dainty green stones, so grab this while you can by purchasing through the above link.

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