May 19, 2008

Chic Hats and More

This sweet crocheted flower from Chic Hats and More is only $2, yes just $2 to spice up your little girl's wardrobe. Shown here on a chic crocheted cloche, these handmade lovelies are simply adorable. I wish I had a toddler or grandchildren!

It isn't every day that I come across a storefront containing so many delightful handmade items that I can't pick a personal favorite. But at Chic Hats and More on Etsy there are so many lovely gift ideas that I had to showcase several finds. Check out these adorable Japanese slippers for your toddler. There are cute Winnie the Pooh slippers too.

David likes these fabulous John Deere tractor slippers. If like me, you come from farm country (have you ever attended the International Plowing Match?) well these are a must have for your grandson or best little guy.

Check out other items from this fabric artist like the oh so cute Chic Bubblicious Crochet Purse!

Maybe you're a hard working mom without the time or skill to devle into anything too crafty. Well check out the great handmade products on Etsy. Click on any of these pics or the link above to view this seller's online storefront.

My point here is that you don't need to run yourself ragged at local craft fairs or fight the crowds at those exhausting Christmas bazaars to acquire gorgeous, unique handmade gift items! Just a few clicks while you're still in your pyjamas (enjoying your toast) and these goodies will be on their way to your door!

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