May 11, 2016

Red Adventurine Slab Bracelet from

Red Adventurine Slab Bracelet

Red Aventurine Slab Bali Bracelet constructed of 100% Sterling Silver throughout. This one of a kind chunky natural Red Aventurine gemstone slab bracelet is complimented by Bali sterling silver findings, making this men's/unisex bracelet unique.

Red Aventurine Sterling Silver Bali Bracelet 
The peachy coral colored stones are fastened ssturdily using tough jewelers wire for years of daily use.  You will keep the bracelet secured with the easy to use toggle clasp.

May 5, 2016

Birthstone Gifts: Browse 1000+ Gahooletree by AbbeyForge Designs at

Amethyst Lariat Silver Pyrite Necklace African Brass Sterling Silver 24K Gold Vermeil Hydro Amethyst Teardrop Pendant Clear Rhinestone Pave
Amethyst Lariat Necklace Sterling Silver
and Vermeil Pendant has Rhinestone Pave

Amethyst Lariat Silver Pyrite Necklace African Brass Sterling Silver 24K Gold Vermeil Hydro Amethyst Teardrop Pendant Clear Rhinestone Pave - Gemstone lariat features smooth natural Amethyst gemstone river stones interspersed with faceted natural silver Pyrite gemstone and African brass. Pretty 21x15mm pendant is solid sterling silver with 24k gold overlay (vermeil), gorgeous bezel set hydro formed Amethyst teardrop and dazzling clear rhinestone pave accents. Total length end to end is 19-1/2 inches -- convo with your neck size if you're not sure whether this lariat will fit.

View more Amethyst jewelry February birthstone gifts.

Pearl Rosary Bracelet: Holy Spirit Dove Charm and Five-Way Cross Pale Mauve Pink Prayer Beads Fits Girls First Holy Communion Cuff

Pearl Rosary Bracelet: Holy Spirit Dove Charm and Five-Way Cross Pale Mauve Pink Prayer Beads Fits Girls First Holy Communion Cuff

Pearl Rosary Bracelet: Holy Spirit Dove Charm and Five-Way Cross Pale Mauve Pink Prayer Beads Fits Girls First Holy Communion Cuff

Pearl Rosary Bracelet: Holy Spirit Dove Charm and Five-Way Cross Pale Mauve Pink Prayer Beads Fits Girls First Holy Communion Cuff - Five decade rosary bracelet featuring pale mauve/pink 6mm glass pearls fits small girls. Pater/Our Father stations are pink faceted crystals. This pretty rosary bracelet features silver tone 1/2" Holy Spirit Dove charm and 3/4" five way cross. Sturdy wire coil construction wraps approximately 3 times around 5 inch wrist. Wrap style cuff expands to accommodate somewhat larger wrists too. Perfect flower girl or First Holy Communion gift for girls up to 6-1/2" wrist. No.16069.

Apr 23, 2016

Abbeyforge Jewelry: New Boutique Now Open with Secure Checkout & 600 Designs!

The NEW AbbeyForge jewelry boutique is live! has over 600 gemstone jewelry designs including unique natural stone birthstone & healing crystal artisan jewelry essentials.  Our fun and flirty Bohemian chic urban wear is perfect for girls, teens or simply the young at heart. Browse our rugged Catholic Rosary prayer bead strands, tenner bracelet/chaplet styles, cross & medal chokers, vintage inspired classic earrings, rustic wire wrapped & spiritual talisman necklace/lariat creations and tribal men's/unisex jewelry.

Unique Hill Tribe Silver Flower Necklace

The AbbeyForge jewelry collection features pieces that will assist you in practicing your beliefs or simply expressing your spiritual self. I've hand crafted a huge selection of authentic Catholic Rosary prayer bead strings (5 decade and discrete pocket sized), as well as rosary bracelet creations, and other Christian themed jewelry and specialty items. The unique spiritual/talisman and healing crystal/birthstone pieces are perfect to give or keep!
Abbeyforge jewelry also offers something for everyone: basic jewelry essentials, fun and flirty, affordable urban wear, including men's/unisex, and things perfect for girls or teens or simply the young at heart.

Bronze Buddha Choker

Abbey Forge Prayer Box Necklace Sterling Silver

Abbey Forge Best Seller Girls Communion Bracelets

Natural Jade Rosary Bracelet 
Gemstone Choker: Carnelian Hematite Lapis Lazuli and Citrine Sterling Silver Accents 19 Inch Length

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New Cross Necklaces in Gold Overlay

Gold Cross Necklace Filigree Crucifix with Divine Mercy/Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal & Guardian Angel Charm 18K Gold Filled Chain 30 Inch Sweater Necklace For Him or Her First Holy Communion Gift
Filigree Cross Necklace in Gold Overlay 
NEW! Limited edition cross & medals with gold overlay finish.  This design has 30 inch 18K gold filled chain with filigree cross, heart-shaped Guardian Angel Medal and Divine Mercy/Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal.  Browse more Catholic Cross & Medal Necklace designs or visit the new AbbeyForge boutique for hundreds of jewelry styles.

Dec 17, 2013

Genuine Gemstone Catholic Rosary Collection Handmade in Toronto

AbbeyForge provides genuine gemstone Catholic Rosary and Rosary Chaplet Bracelets in every theme, colorway and gemstone.  AbbeyForge's new Christian & Rosary department currently offers many Catholic Prayer Bead selections available right now for secure online purchase!

Note that all of my designs (even the "Sold Out" listings) are still available in one form or another so just email me or send a convo via the etsy console to get your order initiated.  Most AbbeyForge prayer bead designs are easily modified to suit your theme, gemstone &/or colorway too.  And many modifications to existing rosary items can be completed within 2-3 business days so just ask :)  Here are some examples of my work.


Amethyst Jade Catholic Rosary with Pewter Celtic Cross and St.Patrick Centerpiece by AbbeyForge on etsy $89.00 USD

Above: Amethyst Jade Catholic Rosary with Pewter Celtic Cross and Pewter St.Patrick Center. February Birthday 083113A $89.00 USD

Green Jade Catholic Rosary Celtic Irish Theme with Pewter St.Patrick Cross and Centerpiece $99.00 USD

The above Long Black Agate Rosary with large black enamel inlay cross has been a popular mens/unisex fashion necklace for 2013.  Your rosary creation can be expanded to properly fit guys 6' 6" tall so just let me know your requirements.

Mens Howlite Long Rosary Necklace 50 Inches White Turquoise with Abundance Crucifix and Alpha Omega Center $59.00 USD

Oct 31, 2013

Divine Druid Titanium Blue Quartz Crystal Wand Copper Necklace

Divine Druid Titanium Blue Quartz Crystal Wand by AbbeyForge

Divine Druid is a wonderful titanium blue quartz crystal wand necklace with plenty of solid copper content measuring about 40 inches around the neck with another 5 inches of gemstone cascade beneath the Y-connection. Truly a cool conversation piece!


Visit AbbeyForge for more unique genuine gemstone talisman creations, premium Catholic Rosary designs, birthstone jewelry and healing crystal mens/unisex chokers.

Feb 11, 2013

Abbey Forge Rosary Shop Announcement

Announcing a new name:  my rosary shop is now called Abbey Forge!  Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on a long mens rosary made of black agate Ave/Hail Mary beads similar to the one shown here.  The Pater/Our Father beads will again be these stunning faceted sardonyx specimens and of course I'll attach a free medal.  The customer specified that he wished me to include the free  miraculous medal.

Please note: If you click the above picture you'll be taken to a page which might say "Sold Out" but don't worry ... This Black Agate St. Benedict Catholic Rosary is always in stock!  It's always ready to ship in 2-3 business days or less.  Email me or send a convo via the Etsy console to order.  There's dozens of possible customizations too: for example you may add chain separators, swap Sardonyx gems for metal Pater stations, add a different theme centerpiece, etc.  Most popular has been the St. Benedict Jubilee coin-shaped St. Benedict center with the black enamel inlay cross shown above.

The final product will include a St. Benedict jubilee center and St. Benedict cross (the same one depicted here).  This is a monumentous day in the lives of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide who just learned hours ago that Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down due to health concerns.  So it is interesting that I am working on a St. Benedict Rosary today!  

Catholic Rosary Mens Unisex 32 plus 7 Inches Long by AbbeyForge

I created my first catholic rosary only a few years ago and I did so merely as a favour to a close friend whose ailing mother had been asking for a unique set of gemstone prayer beads.  Today the rosary business part of Gahooletree Jewelry is growing by leaps and bounds.  My AbbeyForge boutique now houses a growing collection of rosary items!  Please check back often or of course, contact me for custom rosary work.

Aug 18, 2012

Mens Unisex Gemstone Rosaries

Green Jade Catholic Rosary With Pewter Dogwood Cross and Pewter Madonna Center

Green Jade Catholic Rosary with Pewter Dogwood Cross and Pewter Madonna Center

... is another classic five decade catholic rosary that serves as traditional prayer beads or it can be worn as a fashion necklace. Perfect birthday, Communion, Confirmation, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, wedding (or any time) gift/present.

This exact item is one of a kind and is available for secure online purchase at my SassyDLite (on Etsy) boutique of handcrafted gemstone collectables.


Custom orders are welcome.  Please contact me with your requirements/wish list for a quick quote. I have practically every gemstone in stock. Most special order rosaries can ship in only 3 business days!!!  But certain specialty requests like genuine ruby, emerald or sapphire or rare gemstones/crystals may take longer if I need to source stones.

Mar 23, 2012

Vintage MetalWorx Sacre Coeur Bracelet

Vintage MetalWorx Sacre Coeur Bracelet
Vintage MetalWorx Sacre Coeur Bracelet

Vintage MetalWorx Sacre Coeur Bracelet is a unique one of a kind designer piece: Iron chain with gunmetal patina features large links. Renaissance inspired base metal connectors, medieval style iron cross charms & heart charms plus a vivid array of eye popping austrian and swarovski crystals. 

The fine accent chain is oxidized sterling silver. All charms are attached with hand wrapped sterling silver wire. No jump rings that snag or open! Lightweight and very comfortable on the wrist, this piece will withstand prolonged abuse and wear. Base metal lobster claw clasp. Hand forged sterling silver extender links.

Fits 7 to 9 1/2 inch wrists.  For more information and to BUY NOW --

Vintage MetalWorx Sacre Coeur Bracelet by SassyDLite on Etsy:

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Mar 21, 2012

Citrine Carnelian Rustic Sterling Choker by SassyDLite on Etsy

Citrine Carnelian Rustic Sterling Choker
Citrine Carnelian Rustic Sterling Choker by SassyDLite on Etsy
NEW: from SassyDLite for Gahooletree Jewelry!  Handmade in Toronto by designer Anna Lee Husband.  Shop for unique genuine gemstone jewellery collectibles.  This cool choker features really super citrine faceted specimens!  BUY THIS ITEM NOW FOR $44 usd.
Contact Anna Lee for custom creations.

Aug 18, 2010

NEW Pandora Starter Bracelets Now Here!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new braided leather pandora starter bracelets! These cute starter kits are so hot and fashion forward. Each bracelet comfortably fits 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 inch wrists. Downward sizing is possible by simply adding a knot!

Affordably priced at $23.95 each bracelet also ships with a FREE GIFT!
Bonus includes 3 tibetan silver metal charms which will fit any pandora style bracelet.

Putty Beige Braided Leather Pandora Starter Bracelet

Black Braided Leather Starter Bracelet

Aug 10, 2010

My First Scamming "Buyer" on Etsy - Tia Callarman of 747 Timber Run Havana FL 32333

I guess it was bound to happen to me at some point but it is truly with mixed emotion that I am reporting this unfortunate incident, namely the first scammer I've had the misfortune to come across in my three plus years as an etsy seller.   

Negative feedback for this etsy transaction has been left as follows:
"Etsy sellers beware - DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this party! This is a SCAMMING BUYER. After waiting a day, I sent a friendly reminder for payment, at which point the 'buyer' acknowledged by convo that she wanted the item and promptly forwarded funds.

After that, this person did not respond to my convo enquiry about whether modifications were required prior to shipping. Despite no reply, I went ahead and shipped this necklace because prompt shipping is a hallmark of my online businesses.

United States Air Force Sterling Silver Locket part of Tia Callarman 747 Timber Run Havana FL 32333 Scam

Six hours after I marked the item as shipped, this individual launched a paypal dispute to recover her funds.  Since the shipment would have just left Toronto (for Florida) the timeline and details in this case show deliberate deceitful intent.
 PayPal reviewed the case and because I didn't have a tracking number as evidence of shipping (a $14 service that this person had not requested or purchased) the chargeback was decided against me. This is a classic scam. The purchaser gets your high quality handmade goods and then to double the hurt they also recover all of the funds involved. Although the majority of online shoppers are honest, there are those like Tia Callarman who do find all available loopholes in order to cheat.

This transaction is an example of the type of abuse that I did not expect to contend with on Etsy. I have asked Etsy to remove this individual from the community so that other honest esty sellers are not subjected to this form of emotional abuse and financial damage.It was never clarified by PayPal exactly what the basis of this party's dispute was concerning the transaction. I still do not know if Tia Callarman of 747 Timber Run, Havana Florida 32333 is claiming that her etsy account was somehow used in an unauthorized way. If so, it would have been decent and ethical if this individual had contacted me to explain her position. This party has been silent with zero reply to my 2 short convo attempts to establish contact and receive clarification."

Finally, it is ironic that I even used the PayPal Ship module so here's a copy of the Tia Callarman Ship Label...

There are several individuals named as currently residing along with "Tia Callarman" at 747 Timber Run, Havana Florida 32333.  In future posts I will be listing these other individuals by name.  If the Tia Callarman party had any conscience they would have marked return to sender on my package so I would at least have recovered my item.  Abuses such as this premeditated scam have a ripple down affect that result in higher prices for everyone else.

Mar 12, 2010

Cool Bling Runnings:: Ebony Loc Jewelry

It never ceases to amaze me the twists and turns (get it?) that my life takes!  A couple of months ago our friend DB-H who's also a fan of my jewelry asked if I could provide her with a few cool looking sterling silver or glittery charms to adorn her dreadlocks.  That was admittedly uncharted waters for me - something I'd never thought about creating.   

Okay, I hesitated a bit, gave it cursory thought and promptly replied to her that it's no problem to put together a small assortment of tiny charm bling... and just off the top of my head I also promised that I'd figure out a way to secure the charms in her dreads perhaps using smallish (7mm) sterling silver spring rings.

Well off I went to ponder this project, but upon close inspection of my sterling silver spring rings (under my strong magnifiers) I wasn't thrilled with how they would pan out (although small, professionally made spring rings are better than nothing and they'll do in a pinch I suppose).   But on further reflection, it seemed apparent to me that a spring ring wouldn't provide enough 'catch' meaning it would be prone to slide off. 

Another issue that came to mind was how my 7mm spring rings (with their diamond cut edges) would be apt to get caught up in the hair.  Now admittedly it was 30 years ago, but I was once trained as a professional hair stylist, so proper hair care is quite important to me.  And my ethnic mix that includes African genes has given me an acute understanding of just how fragile black hair really can be, so above all else I definitely don't want to promote solutions that might damage the hair in any way. 

So what to do?  Well, by some miracle of fate and technology I found online references to many, many forms of handmade dreadlock hair accessories.  Really cool stuff to be sure :)

Dreadlock jewellery making techniques date back to the beginning of time.  Some loc jewelry making techniques can easily be replicated today if you possess basic wirework skills, small scraps of wire (small scraps of precious metal wire are even better in my opinion). 

The copper wire used here is is 20 gauge round copper wire provided courtesy of my friend Lois of A Beaded Affair located in Philly, PA.  I recommend you buy an introductory amount of Lois' 18 gauge or 20g round copper wire for this project.

Email me if you need a tutorial on how to work this project.  To finish off, just toss in a few leftover crystals, shells, glass beads, charms, souvenirs, or well, if you've got access to even tiny quantities of extraordinary genuine gemstone specimens... then voila! 

There you have it... dread jewelry, loc jewellery, dredlock charms, dreadlock adornments... well whatever you wanna call it... we now have 'em!  and we'll work them up in any diameter to perfectly fit the size of your locks.  Just let me know what metal, what diameter/size, and which adornments will make you most happy :)

Mar 7, 2010

New Shop on DaWanda is Now Open

Feb 24, 2010